Voices in the Distance

by Moments Stretched and Framed

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A short concept album, designed to be listened to from start to finish.

I've preserved the music's dynamic range on this album, so don't hesitate to turn up the volume a little for full enjoyment! For greater volume control download the music and open in your music player.

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released May 19, 2014

music and lyrics,
guitars, voices, abstract sounds,
sequencing and mixing,
cover art
by Raven Boulanger



all rights reserved


Moments Stretched and Framed

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Track Name: The Hosts
They built this house for us
The lights are always on
The windows are mirrors
Everyone is a reflection

They teach us what we need to know
We never go outside
They have warned us—
We’re safe inside,
They lock the doors,
We’re safe

They lead us to purity
Soon we will become free

But now—
They want my life

Insert the key
Unlock the door
I step

Track Name: Until The Light Is Gone
I walk down the steps
Onto a path
The light stays behind

They said they were there
To guide us
They never let us go anywhere

The light is far away

Did they really know the truth?
Were the monsters in these woods?
Or were they hiding us away?

Voices drift in the distance
Their echoes change the words

The voices come closer

I break From the path
I climb Over the fractured ground
I run Until the light is gone

The hosts will not find me here
They will not take me back
Track Name: I Didn't Know
I’m hiding
Voices call
To me

They each say
And never is fear felt

I didn’t know where to go
I didn’t think that someone would find me out here
And offer to help me